Grocery Delivery for Chadz Bodega. Minimum Orders and delivery fees apply! Free Delivery for orders over $120 for local suburbs!

Chadz Manufacturing

Chadz is beginning to manufacture our own products. From frozen goods all the way to bottled and canned goods. Have a try today! Currently available for purchase and released

Chicken Tocino

Pork Tocino

Beef Tapa


Vegetable Spring Roll (Plain Veggies)

Pork, Tofu and Toge Vegetable Spring Roll\

Buchi Yema

Buchi Ube

Empanada Ube

Empanada Nutella

Empanada Pork

Empanada Chicken

Suman Moron

Suman Malagkit

Suman Cassava

Suman Malagkit with Banana

Suman Lihiya

Pork Shanghai

Prawn Shanghai

Pork and Prawn Siomai



Chadz Boat Tarts

Chadz Polvoron

Chadz Sinamak

Chadz Pork BBQ

Call us to enquire or order on our grocery page